Ciudad Don Bosco de Medellin

Ciudad Don Bosco is an educational and social non-profit institution managed by the Salesian community of the province of San Luis Beltrán in Medellín, where it is associated with a large, secular group of people in order to meet the basic needs of children, teenagers and young people at high risk. The aim is to foster their physical, psychosocial and mental development with the participation of family members and the wider community.

Their name refers to the Salesian founder, San Juan Bosco, apostle of youth, especially the poorest and most neglected.

The institution works to reach children, teenagers and young people through several programmes: Derecho A Soñar (right to dream), Dejando Huellas (leaving trails), Patio Formando para la Vida (playground preparing youngsters for life), Forjadores de Esperanza (builders of hope), Caminos de Amistad (ways of friendship), Proyección para la Vida (projection to approach life), Programa para la Autonomía y la Responsabilidad (programme for the fostering of autonomy and responsibility), CAE Construyendo Sueños (specialized attention center, CAE, building dreams) and Hogar Infantil Principiantes (beginners children’s home), as well as the Educación para el Trabajo y el Desarrollo Humano -ETDH- (career and human development education) sector and the Institución Educativa Ciudad Don Bosco (educational institution Ciudad Don Bosco). It also includes some relevant ongoing activities. The support provided ensures school integrating activities, pre-labor and job training, as well as other processes for exercising their rights.



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