Child Soldiers and Security Forces



According to the UN Secretary-General’s 2014 Annual  Report  on  Children  and Armed Conflict, 7 national armies and 50 armed groups operating in 14 countries recruit and use child soldiers. These children and youths are viewed as cheap and expendable labour and are easy to manipulate and control by commanders. They are used as combatants, messengers, porters and cooks and to provide forced sexual services. Some are abducted or forcibly recruited, while others are driven to join by poverty, abuse and discrimination, or to seek revenge for violence enacted against them or their families.

By offering innovative training to those actors who encounter child soldiers in the field, UNITAR PTP is dedicated to the achievement of a world, in which children are no longer used as a weapon of war.

  • Course length: self-paced, non-facilitated
  • Course start date: September 2, 2018
  • Course price: $250
  • United Nations Volunteers, holding a valid contract, may be eligible to use their volunteer learning allowance towards the fees of the course, according to the applicable provisions of UNV Conditions of Service and related policies.



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