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Universitat Oberta de Catalunya is Dynamic and flexible

The educational model was conceived to adapt and evolve constantly over time, in step with the progress of the internet and the knowledge society. Within this context, it is a model that focuses on the learning activity, offering a diverse range of options to suit the requirements of each student. The model allows students to learn in the same way that they work, and to communicate with one another over the internet.

One of the added values of this model is that it guarantees the development of digital skills of students.

Focused on the student and the learning activity

The model is based on learning environments that combine a variety of resources and working dynamics with support from the teaching team and interaction with fellow students. The students and their learning activity are at the centre of the educational process.

Assessment has been devised as a mechanism for learning and providing feedback on the learning process. It is therefore continuous and formative, and provides constructive feedback to ensure continual improvement in the learning process.

The assessment activities help ensure the achievement of learning objectives and the development of competencies.

Collaborative learning

The model is oriented towards collective participation and knowledge building, and embraces the students’ learning, social and working experiences. It is committed to a learning process that balances the individual engagement of the student with collaboration, enriching the student’s learning process with the knowledge, opinions and experiences of their fellow students, and developing their teamwork skills in preparation for the professional world. Some methodologies that are used to advance this type of learning include project work, problem-based learning, enquiry-based learning and agile methodologies.

Student support

The student is supported at all times by specialized faculty whose primary functions are to design, guide, drive and assess the entire educational process. There are three teaching profiles (professor, course instructor and tutor) who work jointly to assure quality in the learning process.

  • The professor designs the course, assures its quality and coordinates the course instructors.
  • The course instructor guides and assesses the students’ learning process within the framework of a particular course.
  • The tutor guides the student in choosing a personalized academic pathway at the UOC.

Virtual Campus

The UOC’s Virtual Campus is the environment where all these elements converge and become interrelated. The life of the whole university community takes place on the Campus, comprising students, professors, researchers, course instructors, tutors and administrative staff. Through the Campus, the student has access to the virtual classrooms, which are the learning spaces where the teaching staff, fellow students, activities, content and tools for learning can be found.



Working together to provide the best education possible