Bespoke & Rebrandable
IoT Solutions


Each of our sensors can be customized, as well as different sensors added to meet your requirements.


Each piece of hardware and software, including the cloud platform can be branded to your company.

Rapid Deployment

Off-the-shelf Neural Hub hardware means reduced development & rapid routes to market.

About Our Company

Neural Hub's roots started out in 2007 as innovative PCB Design & Embedded Software dev house. Since then we've grown vastly in terms of staff, skills and capabilities.

Neural Hub is our latest offering in innovative IoT solutions. It is a white-label solution meaning we sell products to our customers who can then rebrand and target specific applications.

Neural Hub is

Design & Manufacture

Neural Hub have grown into an end-to-end design and manufacturing house. Neural Hub can develop your Electronics, Software and design your Product Housing.

In addition Neural Hub can manufacture PCBs, CNC Parts & Injection Mould plastics.

In one company you get an agile development featuring everything required to got your product to market.

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Knowledgeable, Innovative and High Quality...

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Circuit Board Schematics & Layout services for tiny body-wearable tech to mission-critical industrial and medical applications.

Interested in wireless? Over 90% of our projects are radio based!

Neural Hub can prototype and manufacture in volume your circuit boards on our in-house PCB Assembly line. The feedback between manufacture and design allows us to continually improve your product.

PCB Design | PCB Production

Image Description
Image Description

Industrial Design

With 20 years of experience in Product Design and Injection moulding. Neural Hub is the best place to integrate your tech into a great overall product.

We can provide product design concepts to engineering CAD models.

In addition we have in-house 3D Printing and Injection Moulding direct from our Bristol Smart-Manufacturing Plant. We provide both Injection mould tooling and production under one roof!

Iamge Description
Iamge Description

PCB Production

Neural Hub boasts an in-house PCB production facility with a dedicated production team to meet your needs.

Our plant includes Automated in-line equipment with automated optical inspection at both solder paste and post-assembly points, multiple Pick & Place Machines and cloud based management & traceability.

Even better... we are ISO:9001 certified for peace of mind!

Test Facilities

Neural Hub is a service of excellence in developing Wireless Products. Over 90% of our products developed contain one wireless system or another. To give us an edge, FireBee has an in-house Anechoic Chamber to reduce development times and push through regulatory testing faster.

Many products will have to act consistently no matter where in the world they operate, as such FireBee have a environmental test facility to check your products performance against temperature and humidity variations.

Radio Anechoic Chamber| Climate Chamber

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Custom Plastics

Global Shipping

Parts ship globally from our UK hub.


Continuous on-demand production to meet tight customer deadlines.

Cloud Platform

Latest cloud platform technology to upload, manage and track your order.

Customer Support

Expert help and assistance from our design & production engineers.

Tool Up

Long-Life Injection Mould Tools manufactured in the UK.
from £995

  • Low cost production tooling
  • 15 day tooling turnaround
  • 5 day production parts shipped anywhere globally
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Our Latest News

Neural Hub constantly invests into our company and the technologies to support our customers. Here are just a few of our updates...

Larger Premesis

Neural Hub invests in new premesis to add more flexibility to our offering by adding in-house Injection Moulding and PCB Production services.

New Equipment

Neural Hub has invested in new CNC capabilities as well as a 60 ton Demag Injection Moulding Machine to suit mid-sized plastic parts.

Reduced Time to Market

Neural Hub has enhanced the speed of our Injection Mould Tool service to get products to your door even quicker.

Our Contacts

Unit 46, Dixon Business Centre,
Bristol, BS4 5QW

0117 370 6543
(+44) 117 370 6543